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Welcome to the at-l, KC, where we celebrate each other's 
differences, instead of attempting to eliminate them. From what I 
hear the ATML has radically changed in the last couple of months, 
providing lots of information, but eliminating colorful personalities. 
Well, I for one enjoy the colorful personalities here on the at-l. 
Information is important, and we get that here too, but it seems like 
we now have a monopoly on trail friendships and personalities 
online. Take the social aspect out of the list and you make hiking 
as much fun as reading stock quotes. I'm happy to welcome you to 
the friendly AT list.

I'm not on the ATML, so I don't know what I'm missing, but I do 
know what they are missing, the posts from Jim and Ginny Owen, 
Bear Bells, Orange Bug and now you KC..And lets not forget Felix, 
who will be back soon with tales from the "Apple Asian T-rail." 
Welcome aboard! Oh, and please make sure you follow the at-l's 
strict rule: "Have fun!"

Happy Hiking,

Morning Dove  : )( :

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