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Re: [at-l] trailplace

>At 12:18 PM -0800 12/30/98, KC wrote:
>>     I have been kicked off the ATML, WATL and AT99  lists,,,such a shame
>>, such a shame. If someone belongs on both lists and  someone responds to
>>my last posts could you tell them I have been kicked off  (better do it
>>privately or you to will be silenced), I don't want them to think  I am
>>not responding to them,,,I can't,,,I have been silenced.     Now about
>>that online  journal,,,bet WF wouldn't let me post on Trailplace....How
>>can I do it through   At-L???? KC   now known as WAR EAGLE  (just
>>kidding,,,venting a bit).
>Hey WAR EAGLE, are you sure you have joined others in being banned?  We are
>a limited group you know..


You have been removed from the Trailplace lists for not
following the rules and guidelines as set forth in the
"Legal Matters" section of Trailplace and published as
part of the list greeting when you subscribed.

WF, Admin

Yep, I'm sure!!!! KC aka War Eagle

>Check with admin@trailplace.com. Sometimes your server may have been down
>and trailplace got a returned to sender and you must got logged off the
>WF list. Try to log back in..
>Our course, you could be one of the banned.. ??
>Unless WF specifically gave you a warning, the system might have bounced
>but hi to at-L the campfire.. don't burn your wings :)
>Tom bear bells Caggiano
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* From the Appalachian Trail Mailing List |  http://www.backcountry.net  *