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Re: [at-l] trailplace


I noted Ryan stated allow  at-L for AT items.  Looks like a
trail jounal might qualify.

If Ryan says OK, I'd be honored to post your journal for you on at-L, add
in the html
code and if you send photos, I'd even scan them in an add them to the web
site. :)

Let me know.

- Tom bear bells Caggiano


At 1:30 PM -0800 12/30/98, KC wrote:
>>At 12:18 PM -0800 12/30/98, KC wrote:
>>>     I have been kicked off the ATML, WATL and AT99  lists,,,such a shame
>>>, such a shame. If someone belongs on both lists and  someone responds to
>>>my last posts could you tell them I have been kicked off  (better do it
>>>privately or you to will be silenced), I don't want them to think  I am
>>>not responding to them,,,I can't,,,I have been silenced.     Now about
>>>that online  journal,,,bet WF wouldn't let me post on Trailplace....How
>>>can I do it through   At-L???? KC   now known as WAR EAGLE  (just
>>>kidding,,,venting a bit).
>>Hey WAR EAGLE, are you sure you have joined others in being banned?  We are
>>a limited group you know..
>You have been removed from the Trailplace lists for not
>following the rules and guidelines as set forth in the
>"Legal Matters" section of Trailplace and published as
>part of the list greeting when you subscribed.
>WF, Admin
>Yep, I'm sure!!!! KC aka War Eagle

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