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[at-l] Purell for Christmas!

Well Santa was not very pleased with me this year when it came time for my
Christmas list. She was upset becuase I really had everything I needed for my
thru-hike, and the watch she brought me for the trip (with built in compass,
recording altimeter, recording barometer, alarms in three time zones, and oh
yeah, a clock) was too heavy to go with me. It would have allowed me to hike at
night I suppose - the light on the display was so bright :).

Anyway, when Santa asked me what she could get me for my hike, I said
"Individual sized packages of Purell."

Lo and behold, through the magic of the elves (and available for the rest of us
at Wal-Mart), I received 20 boxes of 21 individual packets (1.33ML each) of
Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer!

Thank you Santa!

Ho, ho, ho!

-Paddler (78 days and counting)
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