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Re: [at-l] journals - (was thru-hikering attitude)

In a message dated 12/20/98 12:27:45 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
jrowen@ibm.net writes:

> Then again, when I was hiking, I would
>  sometimes think about what I wanted to put in my journal that night -

That's what I do, but for some reason or another (read: bigtime laziness) it
doesn't make it on paper.  I was always playing catch up on my Trailplace
journal, but I can look back at my Handbook that has all my nightly stays
along the AT and probably tell you just who stayed at the shelter or campsite,
what the weather was like, what  the trail was like and the animals I saw that
day.  Some day I suppose those details will be lost, but that's ok, I'll go
for another hike!

Hopefully on the PCT, I'll be able to take a few minutes every day and write
something, anything!  But I doubt it.............   ; )

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