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Re: [at-l] thru-hikering attitude

Keeping a daily, personal journal, in my opinion, is well worth the time.  I
wrote in my journal every day for 5 1/2 months an now am very glad I did.  It
only took about 10 uninterupted minutes to do.  Everybody did it differently.
Some would spend a half hour at a time and write lengthy, detailed accounts of
their day, including all their thoughts and analysis of what happened.  Some
would write sporadically every few days but in my case, I preferred daily
entries since it was hard to remember what happened during that very day.
Now, in typing out my journal, going through pictures, consulting the maps,
letters and guidebooks, I am trying to remember every detail I can and it
would be hopeless without having kept that daily journal.  It's hard enough
now to put it all together, even with all this information.  Even during your
hike, you may think back and wonder what day something happened, etc., and you
can easily check because you have been keeping a record.
So, I would just advise spending a few minutes every day writing a personal
journal, later on you will be very glad you did.
...Pittsburgh Rooster.
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