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[at-l] Food!!!

I just stumbled into a sale on cremini mushrooms and went
a bit nuts!  I'll be dehydrating for days but I us a lot of dried
mushees both for trail and home food.
It made be remember last year when I had the dehydrator
going full blast getting stuff ready for my 'not-to-happen-thru'.
<sigh>.  Enjoy these months class o'99.....getting ready is great!!!

Which brings me my point...  On the PCT list, a thread popped
up but was abandoned waaaayy to quickly for me <g>.

What foods did you grow to hate and what foods did you grow
to love.

I keep thinking of the guy who was living on PB and sardines thru here
in 97 <yeeech>.  I know it is a totally personal thing but I thought
it might give the new class some ideas as they get their food drops
For example....I have yet to run into anyone that ever tired of Mashed
Potatoes.  Anything else that holds up well??     k./\

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