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Re: [at-l] Food!!!

     I really don't care for peanut butter one way or another when I've got 
     four walls and a reliable roof, but put my out-of-doors, and PB or 
     PB/Honey/Dry Milk becomes "the food of the gods!"
     Likewise, I can't stomach even the thought of sardines/mackeral for 
     lunch "in town," but out on the trail? It's at least passable, if not 
     yummy. (Fish is especially good, as you can burp it all afternoon, and 
     not feel so hungry....{Now there's an appetizing thought, eh?}) 
     Lessee, CHEESE! I always loved cheese before I did my throughhike, and 
     carried a bunch early on, but came to hate the thought of it. I 
     carried a brick of colby into Pearisburg, shipped it to Cloverdale (90 
     miles north) carried it 3-4 more days, then finally ate it over two 
     days on the trail. That (June, 1979) might have been the last time I 
     ate cheese until Xmas, 1983, when, in a fit of Holiday revelry, I 
     discovered the sublime synergy of Tequila, lime, and Swiss Cheese. Ah, 
     the memories! Ate the whole two-pound chunk, went right out and got 
     more of all three. Mmmm.
     Even GORP leaves me nearly indifferent "in town", but on the Trail! 
     I know I'll think of more.............

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Subject: [at-l] Food!!!
Author:  kahley7 <kahley7@ptd.net> at ima
Date:    12/16/98 2:22 PM

I just stumbled into a sale on cremini mushrooms and went
a bit nuts!  I'll be dehydrating for days but I us a lot of dried 
mushees both for trail and home food.
It made be remember last year when I had the dehydrator
going full blast getting stuff ready for my 'not-to-happen-thru'. 
<sigh>.  Enjoy these months class o'99.....getting ready is great!!!
Which brings me my point...  On the PCT list, a thread popped 
up but was abandoned waaaayy to quickly for me <g>.
What foods did you grow to hate and what foods did you grow 
to love.
I keep thinking of the guy who was living on PB and sardines thru here 
in 97 <yeeech>.  I know it is a totally personal thing but I thought it 
might give the new class some ideas as they get their food drops ready.
For example....I have yet to run into anyone that ever tired of Mashed 
Potatoes.  Anything else that holds up well??     k./\
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