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[at-l] Re: ATML Cross posting

First of all, I want to make it clear that this is not a comment on the
administration of this list.  Rather, it's a comment about tolerance and
inclusion within the AT community.

In my view, we ought to be disseminating our thoughts, views, hopes, fears,
and dreams as widely as possible.  We should be sharing ideas without
barriers.  I am truly sorry if there are rivalries between ATML and AT-L.  I
want no part of it.  It's a shame.  But building walls by prohibitting
members of one list from cross-posting to another list is unfortunate imho.

And I think it unfortunate that a segment of the AT community would censor
people by dictating to whom they may send their e-mails.

But if reference to AT-L or cross-posting to AT-L is prohibitted on ATML, it
should be stated clearly in the rules sent out to new subscribers.

I may be kicked off ATML for this post.  So be it.  If so, I have enjoyed my
time with so many of you.  You know who you are.  I just have a hard time
silencing myself in the face of such petty rivalry.  It's not why we hike.

Peace, my friends.  The conflict is unproductive.

Lucian ("Bristlecone")
GA>ME '99

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