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Re: [at-l] fleece vs down

In a message dated 12/12/98 11:12:59 AM Central Standard Time,
gammara1@mediaone.net writes:

<< Ok mavens- whats better, taking into account warmth, cost, bulk, use as
 a pillow - a light down jacket or a light fleece jacket? PJ

The answer is NEITHER ONE.  I used to carry fleece all of the time, then I
discovered the wonders of the new synthetic fill jackets.  Most are filled
with Polargard 3D, so they loft and compress almost as well as down, yet will
keep you warm even if soaked.  My North Face Berring jacket has a gore
windstopper layer and a DWR treatment for the outside.  And when stuffed
inside of a stuff sack at night, the resulting pillow is a comfortable as the
one at home on my bed.  And best of all, I caught it on a close-out deal at
Campmor for around sixty bucks, if my poor fading memory serves me correctly.

Good Hiking, 
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