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Re: [at-l] Re: ATML Cross posting

No problems with crossposting here...


Lucian Hicks wrote:

> First of all, I want to make it clear that this is not a comment on the
> administration of this list.  Rather, it's a comment about tolerance and
> inclusion within the AT community.
> In my view, we ought to be disseminating our thoughts, views, hopes, fears,
> and dreams as widely as possible.  We should be sharing ideas without
> barriers.  I am truly sorry if there are rivalries between ATML and AT-L.  I
> want no part of it.  It's a shame.  But building walls by prohibitting
> members of one list from cross-posting to another list is unfortunate imho.
> And I think it unfortunate that a segment of the AT community would censor
> people by dictating to whom they may send their e-mails.
> But if reference to AT-L or cross-posting to AT-L is prohibitted on ATML, it
> should be stated clearly in the rules sent out to new subscribers.
> I may be kicked off ATML for this post.  So be it.  If so, I have enjoyed my
> time with so many of you.  You know who you are.  I just have a hard time
> silencing myself in the face of such petty rivalry.  It's not why we hike.
> Peace, my friends.  The conflict is unproductive.
> Lucian ("Bristlecone")
> GA>ME '99
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> From: ATML <atlist@trailplace.com>
> To: atml@trailplace.com <atml@trailplace.com>
> Date: Saturday, December 12, 1998 12:57 PM
> Subject: ATML Cross posting
> >>From time to time, I have to remind you not to cross post
> >between lists. Some of you are on several lists, but you'll
> >have to post separately here (don't just hit "carbon copy"
> >or "reply to" and thus include other list addresses in the
> >post you are sending to ATML). The reason is so that we
> >can keep a thread going here without the intrusion of posts
> >coming in where you also have the same thread going on
> >another list. It leads to disconnected conversation and
> >discusssion, and so we just don't do it here on ATML. We've
> >got a really good discussion group right now, with coherent
> >and intelligent discussion, so let's take the extra trouble
> >to be careful with posts, making sure they are addressed to
> >ATML only if they are intended to be posted here. You may
> >want to do the same when posting to other lists, but I will
> >leave that to those list admins to set their policy about
> >cross posting. Again, thanks for your cooperation. It makes
> >my job as admin here on ATML a little easier, and it means
> >fewer bounced messages from non-ATML members in my admin box
> >that I have to deal with.
> >
> >WF
> >
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