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Re: [at-l] KC's Dates for Shelters/Mileage/Mail drops

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>9 Carlo Sh 17
>10 Baldpate Lean-To 16.4

	Very ambitious miles through the Whites.  I did the Mahoosucs twice last
summer.  Once north bound and once south bound.  I was not in the same
physical condition as some one who had been hiking a thru hike but that
section in particular kicks butt.  We took 3 hour just to hike the one mile
length of Mahoosuc Notch on the northbound hike and 2 hours hiking  south
bound.  I met a couple that took 12 hours to do 5 miles in that area.  I also
met a thru hiker last summer who claimed to have done a 48 mile day in the
	Having hiked extensively in the Whites I know you have to really be careful
of the weather.  In bad weather a section can take three times as long as in
good weather.  Or it can be impossible to hike during severe weather

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