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Re: [at-l] KC's Dates for Shelters/Mileage/Mail drops

ARTCLOUTMN@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 12/11/98 2:25:21 AM, you wrote:
> >9 Carlo Sh 17
> >
> >10 Baldpate Lean-To 16.4
> KC,
>         Very ambitious miles through the Whites. ...
>         Having hiked extensively in the Whites I know you have to >really be careful  of the weather.  In bad weather a section can take >three times as long as in good weather.  Or it can be impossible to >hike during severe weather conditions.

KC - I'll second that. By that time you are starting to get REALLY tired
- and in my case, my knees were blown.  It was a long time after
starting the Whites before I was ready to do more than 12 mile days
again - past Rangely I think.  Then in 1988 we ran into white-out
conditions one day going over Saddleback. I hiked blind, but did a short
day, my companions turned back. I know who was smarter :-) If you do
Mahoosuc Notch as a short day, it is playtime. You can have a lot of fun
there. But if it is part of a long day - it can be a real trial. And an
utterly exhausting (not fun) day.

But you know (or at least you've been told) that a schedule is for
general planning - throw it out once you're on the trail. Planning is
fun - and you get to know the trail - but don't take it too seriously.
The trail itself, weather, your body, companions, hunger, etc. will
dictate your actual schedule. Stay loose.  I've spent three years
studying the CDT routes - and I know that the final decisions on where
we go and when won't be made until we are actually en route. There are
simply too many variables (including Chaos striking again!)

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