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Re: [at-l] KC's Dates for Shelters/Mileage/Mail drops

>you with soup-in-pot, doncha know that there is a pizza place that
>there???  Plus the caretaker is very nice and a maintainer as well.  

Just make sure it really is the pizza person, and not some random person
who just wants to jog! :)

I scared some poor woman this summer when I was waiting for my pizza. The
car that pulled up was not the pizza delivery woman. So picture if you
will, three very hungry hikers, (and I was sporting the Iranian terrorist
look at the time) surrounding and staring into  a car..thinking it is the
pizza delivery person. The woman looks around, scared. The three hikers
continue to stare... Finally I asked (the car windows are sitll rolled
up!) if she was the delivery person. She yells "NOOOOOOOO!". Aftera
sheepish grin and an apology from me, she bolted out of the car, while
puffing on a ciggarette like they were going out of style.

When the actual pizza delivery showed up, I was a bit hesitant to
approach the car.

Still..the pizza tasted great...even if I almost was pepper sprayed.

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