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[at-l] Best Dry Loft Sleeping Bag?

Hello, out there.  This is your foolish friend who shortened her waiting days
by 7 weeks when she signed up for the WEMT course at NOC.  When I get back
home (which, by the way, was -8 degrees night before last), I'll have ONE week
to pull it all back together before driving away to join the other ancient
ones with whom I am hiking the AT.

Someone stamped us oldies with the attribute "wisdom."  Obviously, I'm not
there yet.  (It's so great to be young and foolish.)

Anyhow, so now I need to get my gear in order.  (Yes, my rear too.)  I'll need
it at NOC too because they promise us "at least" one night out in January

I want a 0-degree Dry Loft bag.  REI has one that is -5 degree rated and,
according to their printed material, weighs 3.7 pounds.  Is this the best one
that I can find?  I surely don't want to go out in January OR March with only
a 20-degree LiteLoft bag again.

If any of you can advise, you know that I will appreciate it.

Take care,

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