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Re: [at-l] DRINK ME

<< Just hop on down to your area ethnic grocery store ( I found it at an Asian
 market)  >>
My backpacking meals really perked up after venturing into the ethic aisles at
the Super Duper Market. I highly recommend adventure shopping and cooking as
an off-season hiking-related diversion. Set up your whisperlite on the back
porch, chart cooking times and fuel consumption. Invent recipes at home, cuz
the middle of the hundred mile is a chitty place to find out that dehydrated
pheasant eggs re-hydrate into a glue you could repair boots with. Unless, of
course, your boots needed the repair :O)
HAA #one hundred and whatever-- you're in the Japanese food section sniffing
packs of SailorMoon Noodles, wondering exactly what's in the 'Triple Dragon
Sunrise' flavor.
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