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RE: [at-l] Best Dry Loft Sleeping Bag?

> I want a 0-degree Dry Loft bag.  REI has one that is -5 degree rated and,
> according to their printed material, weighs 3.7 pounds.  Is this
> the best one
> that I can find?  I surely don't want to go out in January OR
> March with only
> a 20-degree LiteLoft bag again.
> If any of you can advise, you know that I will appreciate it.

I rarely ever do any really "cold" weather hiking anymore, but I have a
North Face Superlight Long 600 Fill Goose Down with a silk liner from Design
Salt. The bag is 3 lbs 4 oz and the liner adds another 4.7 oz. Total rating
is about -10. I believe Campmor has a pretty good price on them.

Lee I Joe

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