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[at-l] Re: P.O. Distances from the Trail

>Hi Lucien,
>The only problem I see with listing the PO distances from the trail is that
>since you haven't hiked the trail yet the you haven't learned that the
>distances don't always mean that much.
>Here are a few examples of what I mean:
>The PO in Hampton TN may be 2.6 miles from the trail, but Kincora Hostel is
>only 0.2 and they give daily shuttle rides to the PO so it's not really a
>big issue.
>Another place is Waynesboro - yes, it's a long way but it was an incredibly
>easy hitch - actually I didn't hitch at all, just sat at the road crossing
>and when another hiker got dropped off the driver offered to take me to
>town since he was going back there.
>Gorham - 3.6 miles but there was a phone at a place right on the trail
>where you could call either the Barn or Hikers Paradise to pick you up and
>bring you to town (free if you were staying there) so that distance doesn't
>Monson - 3 miles, but Mr. Shaw comes and looks for hikers each afternoon
>and there's a parking lot at the road where you can usually catch a ride.
>And these are just SOME examples.  About half of the places aren't as
>difficult as the mileage would make them seem.  So my point is don't let
>the distance to the PO from the trail be your only deciding factor.  That's
>where WF's book and statistics come in very handy.
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