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[at-l] Re: Purell as a Hiker Pick Me Up

> > By the way, the stuff works pretty good - very refreshing.
> You drank it? I think it's supposed to be topical. 
> Orange Bug...any ramifications?

Hold on, never mind. The fraternity people here told me combining
Purell and Hawaiian Punch means you were just making a Shirley

For a Hiker Pick-Me-Up I'm told you can combine Purell and Mountain
Dew to make a Shirley Shuttle. Of course to get the full effect, after
each sip you have to take the palm of your left hand and insert it
into your right armpit, flapping your right arm like a wing and
saying, "Mmmmm Doggies".


PS: And quit calling me Shirley. Is work as boring everywhere else as
here today? 

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