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[at-l] Re: Air Travel with a pack

I hiked the AT with an external frame pack, but recently replaced with an
internal.  A major reason is that I like to travel with backpacks (whether
hiking or not), internals seem more air travel friendly, I didn't want two
packs (one for hiking one for other), and I wanted my one pack to be a
backpacking tool first, and a piece of baggage second.

But to my point... another hobby of mine is ice hockey.  If you have access to
a hockey equipment bag, preferably with a soft bottom, then I recommend
putting your pack into it for the airline.  If not, the bags are a little
pricey to buy just for this.  They're plenty big and work like a charm.

I do take the hip belt off and re-assemble at destination just for a more
"tubular" fit inside the hockey bag.


Dan "Focus" Grossman, Ga->Pa '96, Pa->Me '97

|Dan Grossman		 Cornell Univ Computer Science H:607 256 0724 |
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