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Re: [at-l] No pack cover

     That's a great suggestion. I've been against garbage bag covers 
     because of a certain (admittedly questionable) love of hiking under 
     the nastiest of conditions "just 'cause." (I'm the guy who thinks the 
     "Bad Weather Route" sign points to the wrong trail. And I wasn't 
     always like this -- when I started my throughhike way back when, a 
     single cloud on the western horizon would depress me because I thought 
     it MIGHT mean rain TOMORROW. Anywho...) The best of pack covers can 
     get blown off if not perfectly secured, let alone a garbage bag left 
     essentially unsecured, ready to get eaten by the first breeze or 
     overhanging branch. "Going Inside" with it certainly get's around it, 
     at a nice weight savings, too.

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Subject: [at-l] No pack cover
Author:  woodelf@juno.com (a woodelf) at ima
Date:    12/5/98 7:15 AM

Hi Kiddies,
I've been following the pack cover thread. And thought I'd mention that a
couple of garbage bags on the inside can save a lot of weight. Haven't
use a cover in years, used to use garbage bag covers but they didn't last
very long, so I put they inside. My down bag is in small garbage bag
inside it's stuff sack and everything else is inside one or two bags
inside the pack. I sometimes put the things unlikely to be needed during
the day in one and the other stuff in another. Some times it all goes in
one, you can double bag if you're worried about them ripping. It's almost
as easy to get to as opening your pack and keeps everything dry, no
matter how hard it rains. Spare bags weigh almost nothing. 


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