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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Bag for Tossing & Turning

This is  the reason for a mummy bag. you can move around as much as you like,
but some of the leg movements of a regular bed are just out of the question. If
I have hiked far enough to get tired, just about anywhere is comfortable,
especially if you have a good air pad under you (although many people like the
closed cell foam pads). The usual issue is finding a bag that works for the
temperature, and your own preference for warmth. I like to bring a small
Polartec blanket, and keep the bag zipped up only partially.

With down bags, you can often shift the down around the baffles to get more
lower or up on top of you. This gets into the whole thing of how helpful a down
bag is relative to an artificial stuffing. In general, you get what you pay
for. (Western Mountaineering Puma bag for me).

Atlanta, GA

Timothy Clough wrote:

> I am looking for a sleeping bag that is user friendly to a person (like
> myself) who tosses and turns a lot before falling asleep, and again and
> again throughout the night.
> What features should I look for? (Some bags, for instance, have less
> insulation on the "bottom" than the "top", which for me could be anywhere.)
> Does anybody have any particular brands/models that you have found helpful?
> I still haven't made up mind over down vs. synthetic, so suggestions for
> both are acceptable.

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