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Re: [at-l] Hikers anonymous assoc

>An old friend of mine was often unable to accompany me to REI due to
>her absolute inability to leave the store without having $100 added to
>her already overwhelming credit card balance. If we stopped by an REI
>before a trip we would always end up on the trail HOURS later than we
>had planned because of her habit. She was, and still is, desperately in
>need of an intervention.

HA i got a solution to that problem be poor.

i have trouble buying all this stuff casue i am alwasy poor  becasue i make
my saving money uinavailable to me i have ltos of money saved up but i can
not touch it.  if you look aroudn in a bank enough they have things like
this.   it is my damn i need surgery or my house and car blew up last night
money i never spend.   and will prolly eventually turn into my retirement
fund money. heck i am only 20 so you can image anythign saved up is alot at
my age but it is more than most 30 year olds i know of.
(i will leave the amount out for my own security and others)

HA i want to be free from job by 40. well we can all dream cant we <sigh>

this soudns all find and dandy but i then spend all my "unsaved" money with
out reservation so it is a little bit of a mixed bag.  i never have any
spending money to spend it gets spent as soon as i get it.  SO i try to be a
stingy as i possbile can and it works out alot of the time. i foudn a
goretex jacket with pit zips and stuff (it is light to boot) for 40 dolalrs
on sale.  regular price $210.

god forbid i ever free up my other money.


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