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[at-l] Guns ...

Pox Populi <mfuller@somtel.com> wrote: 
> If one doesn't have the
> will to begin with, a gun is only of marginal utility,
> if not a hindrance.

I'm gonna agree totally with every point you made - 

I'll only add this - that if you're going to carry a gun, for your own
sake as well as other's - learn to use it properly, learn the mindset
necessary to use it "safely" and effectively - and learn when not to use
it.  "Safely" means safely for you and for the people around you - and
it means "not safe" for those who intend harm.  Your training should
include a large component of "when to use it and when NOT to use it".
The "fictional" account yesterday was a nice exercise in imagination -
but also completely unrealistic for anyone who's properly trained.  If
you'd get so "spooked" that you'd fire blindly - in any situation - then
you shouldn't be carrying a firearm - on or off the trail. Learn unarmed
self defense instead. 

I hope none of you ever need either one.  

Walk softly,

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