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[at-l] !!!!!!BIIIIGGGG BEAR!!!!!!!!

At the Christmas dinner table this year, the talk
went to hiking....big surprise <g>.
It seems that someone saw a report about the recent
bear hunting season here .  The total number of bear
taken was just over 2000.  This is the number hoped
for by the game commission, representing 1/3 of the
estimated population.  The bears taken were, in
general, healthy and good sized for their age.

The big news was that while most of the bears
were in the 300 to 500 lb live weight range, one
bear was weighed at the bear check station at 550 lbs.
That's_dressed_ weight...meaning sans innards and blood.
By my figuring, that's 1/3rd of the total bear's weight was
missing at that point.....we're talking about an

The person who saw the report said the bear filled
the bed of the pick up.  In fact, when the gate was
dropped the bears rear legs extended further, sending
squeals from a number of children attending.

Again, to me, that indicates a bear who stands at least
9 ft tall.  Any more info on this big bruin would be
most appreciated.

And remember this big boy when you hang your food.
HANG IT HIGH!!!!  :-)                    Kahley

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