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[at-l] christmas eve hike report

the weather in western pennsylvania is warmer than usual, and a white
christmas (at the lower elevations) is not in the cards.  SKYLINE ( jim
austin ) and i planned a hike on the laurel highlands trail for christmas
eve.  arriving at the trailhead ( route 30 ) we discovered snow and ice. 
being wimps, we decided to get off of the ridgeline and travel to
dilltown pennsylvania to hike a portion of the ghost town trail.  this is
a rails-to-trails trail, and is at a snowless and iceless elevation.  we
put vehicles at both ends of the hike, and had a wonderful time.

p.s.  please leave the guns at home.  the AT is one of the safest places
on earth, with everyone looking out for everyone else.  if you feel the
need for added security during your hike, get a group together, and stay
with them.

Rick Mann, aka Pittsburgh
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