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[at-l] Vac & Eurosealer

Jennifer Delia Sawyer wrote:
> At 03:52 PM 11/3/97 -0500, Alice Kauzlarich wrote:
> > I have a cheap vacuum packer for my dehydrated food and it does keep a long
> >time....usually.

Details!!!!  I need details<G>.  I 've been thinking about one of these
to extend the shelf life of my dried meats.  And now a Eurosealer too.
I could vac seal my beef stew, slit it open to add water in the morning
and then Euro seal it and cook in the bag!  How cool is this??

If anyone has a vac sealer, what's the good points/bad?  Please don't
let my Visa card to the mercies of late nite infomercials.  Now I have
to watch TV to find the Euro sealer number...GAD.  Unless someone has
the number<hint hint>.  Signed Kahley who's mouth is set for beef stew,
and chicken paprika and turkey tetrizzini and......
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