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Re: [at-l] Minorities on the trail

a woodelf wrote:
> Perhaps how a person is introduced to the forest has a lot to
> do with whither one becomes a hiker/camper or not. Maybe if my mom had
> let us in the house more often, we wouldn't love the forest so much now.

I think Woodelf has hit it.  If you learn the woods are cool you love 
them naturally.  If you're taught that it's scarey out there, it takes
alot of re-conditioning to change that.  I remember well, 'masses' of 
cousins being issued two sandwiches and a canteen each and told to be 
back by supper. Then the adults could get some peace and quiet.  <G>
The woods were our baby sitter.  These cousins are climbers, kayakers,
hikers or at least campers.

On the other side of the family, Grammy was paniced at the site of a 
snake...clutched her grandkids at the mention of a groundhog and never
let us out of her site.  To my knowledge, none of my cousins on that 
side of the  family ever leaves town <G>.   Kahley
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