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[at-l] Shut up already!!!

Hi all...

Is it just me, or is anyone else just sick to tears of all the peepers, 
cheepers, katydids, crickets, toads and frogs?
The first ones of the season are a joy and I loved hearing them from 
mid summer on.  But it's almost October and I just can't take the racket
any more.  They never rest! Or maybe they take turns...the day shift and 
the nite shift  Enough, you noisy $^&#@*%^$!  Shut Up!!  
Go to sleep...or hibernate ....or die even. 
Crimaneese...It's almost October!!!!! 
Signed..I don't know why else I'm so grumpy......Kahley 
OK OK...I don't want any critter to die before it's time.  
But they could go quietly into that dark nite<<G>>
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