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Re: [at-l] Shut up already!!!

Hi all...

This is for the new folks on the list..anyone who doesn't know that I'm
harmless.  My earlier post was simply an indication that i am more than 
ready for this long hot dry summer to end.  It was great!! Don't get
me wrong, but for me at least, it's time for a change of seasons.

I would never wish an early death to anyone or anything.  In fact I
pretty much go out of my way not to hurt people and things.  I just
have a wierd sense of humor and sometimes I forget that not everyone
on this list has known me  long enough to know when I'm trying
to be funny.
This time I've obviously failed and upset at least one list member.
See below

So I apologize...sincerly.  I'll try to be more careful in the future.
But I don't promise<<VBG>>.
If you don't want to take a chance on any further Kahley posts, feel
free to delete me.       Signed ....a chastened Kahley ;-(

BTW...the cheepers et all, to which I refered are in MY backyard.
Bring on the fall!!!!

> Kahlena,
> I would rather listen to them enjoy their lives singing than listen to your
> noise on this newsgroup.  It they bother you so much, get out of their back
> yard!!
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