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[at-l] Re: Wave~Length: food dehydrators ????

>Well.... I am looking to purchase a dehydrator of my very own :-)
>What are things to look for and, more importantly, to avoid.

* get one with a BIG fan in it, otherwise it will take days to dehydrate
anything (some just have a heater which is not adequate and "risky" when
doing meats)
* you get what you pay for.
* larger is better.
* get a good book on the subject  (Kayak Cookery has dehydrating as I recall)
* you can dehydrate practically anything - great for long trips.

I'm sure there's a usenet group on the subject (alt.dehydrating????).
Anyway, just search the keyword dehydrating on WWW and you'll find a
zillion things.

William R.M. Spittle
Vancouver, BC                           
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