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Re: [at-l] Re: Wave~Length: food dehydrators ????

Bill Spittle wrote:
> >Well.... I am looking to purchase a dehydrator of my very own :-)

> * get one with a BIG fan in it, otherwise it will take days to dehydrate
> anything (some just have a heater which is not adequate and "risky" when
> doing meats)

Disagree...about the days thing...nothing takes more than 24hrs for me.
YMMV.  Otherwise, I agreed, but if there is anyone like me who freaks at 
spending lotsa bucks on what may prove to be a passing fancy, please 
I have had one of Mr Popeils dehyders (sans fan) for  five years.
It's run for thousands of hours.  You don't have as much control
over heat, but it works fine for me.  As to meat, I keep it thin,
don't crowd it and pick a dry day to do it and I ain't dead yet.<G>

When this one dies, I may switch to a fanned version simply because they 
are faster and that will it will allow me to process more food faster.  
Like now with the local peaches that are soo sweet this year.  If I had 
three units, they'd all  be going!!! Peaches...yum!

> I'm sure there's a usenet group on the subject (alt.dehydrating????).

Actually it's rec.food.preserving   <<<G>> Kahley
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