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[at-l] Re: Wave~Length: food dehydrators ????

     About 5 years ago my family purchased a Harvest Saver drier (original
info was in Organic Gardening magazine) from Vita Mix Corp., 8615 Usher
Rd. Cleveland, OH 44138, phone (216) 235-4840 for about $100 US....we had
dried other methods with mixed results, but this one works fine,
economical, 10 circular trays, easy to clean, etc.....works great for
mushrooms, tomatoes ("sun-dried"), hot peppers, fruits and fruit leathers,
herbs, etc. (even beef and venison jerky)..............really a great way
to preserve food for long winters...peace,
Dan Kujawinski

On Sat, 23 Aug 1997, Christiansen, Hal wrote:

> Some time ago there was a thread on one of these lists relative to food
> dehydrators. 
> Well.... I am looking to purchase a dehydrator of my very own :-)
> What are things to look for and, more importantly, to avoid.
> Hal Christiansen
> Hal@netquest.com
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