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[at-l] Fleece Blankets???


I've been fooling around with the idea of making a fleece bag for
the summer.  I have often used just a blankie during the summer,
but only when the weather guessers said it was safe.
But two weeks ago the temps dropped to 40 degrees and again last
nite to 45.  I'm in PA at about 1800 ft.  I tried two different
configurations...one a simple fleece top and bottom, the second
was a double layer of fleece stitched to a layer of sheet.  I thought
the two layers would be enough at 45 and it was barely.

My question is what kind of fleece are you guys using for summer.
I know that Campmore has blankets made of 200 polorfleece but I
bet they weigh a ton!!!  LL Bean has fleece bags but they weigh more 
than my 20 degree bag.  As it is, my homemade bag weighs 1lb 7oz 
(I can cut that down some..it's really too big right now)
without zippers and I've seen summer weight down bags rated to forty
that weigh 2lbs.  What am I doing wrong here? 
			Kahley........ who had a very chilly nite
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