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Re: [at-l] Fleece Blankets???

When I was in Special Ops in the military, all we would use in the 
summer time was a single poncho liner (weighs slightly over a 
pound).  If the temp dipped unexpectedly, we'd add the poncho to it.  
The combination of the two is heavier than many down or PolarGuard 
bags that can comfortably take you to lower temps.  However, you'd 
have to throw in the weight of your rain gear to make a fair 
comparison.  I really don't know if the poncho liner (which is a 
Thinsulate-like material) is lighter or warmer than fleece or not.  
Maybe someone else who has experience with both can weigh in.

If I used a poncho for rain gear now, that's definitely the direction 
I would go.


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