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[at-l] potty in the woods

Kahlena said:
Ken may I ask how you handled your daughter and the lack of handy
toilets.  I have a neice that I'd like to take hiking but she refuses
to pee in the woods.  In fact, if it doesn't flush, she's not
interested.  This may seem silly, but it's definitely a trip stopper!

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreachiate the input!
Thanks for the great trip report.               Kahley<<<

I guess I started my daughter out early.  I took her camping at about age 2
and taught her how to "squat".  In fact, I did such a great job that the
next Monday when I went to pick her up at the daycare facility, they told
me that I would not believe what she had done that day!  She was out on the
playground with all the kids and walked over to the corner, pulled down her
pants and "squatted".  Now aren't I a good teacher!

Happy Trails :-)
Margaret (Maggie)

            Stepping Stones
     I do not ask to walk smooth paths,
     Nor bear an easy load.
     I ask for strength and fortitude
     To climb the rock-strewn road.
     With such courage I can scale
     The heartiest peaks alone,
     And turn every stumbling block
     Into a stepping stone.

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