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[at-l] shell mystery shuts down trail

 Thought I'd share this......from Wednesdays Frederick News-Post

(AP) "A section of the Appalachian Trail near the Fort Indiantown Gap will be
closed most of this week as the Pennsylvania National Guard works to find out
how nonexploding shells ended up near the trail and on public game lands.

The tank range at the nearby military post has been closed since late May
when hikers complained of hearing shells whistling overhead. An investigation
by the military turned up shells on game lands and within a half-mile of the

The 15-mile section of the trail between PA 325 and PA 443 was to be closed
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Hikers wil be shuttled around the closed area.
It was to be open on Wednesday.

"Its a real concern," said Karen Lutz, the Appalachian Trail Conferences's
Mid- Atlantic representative."

I guess it is......

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