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[at-l] 5-6 day hike in VA

Hello everybody!

My name is Bruce -- long time lurker, first time writer.  First of all, I
have very much enjoyed reading the posts on this list -- full of great
information, opinions, and humor.  I am a pharmacist and graduate student at
the University of Kentucky, and every now and then I am able to get out to
do a little bit of backpacking.  Before I die I hope to have walked the
entire AT; right now I only have done the GSMNP section.  I am planning a
5-6 day hike the second week of October, and wanted to do a different
section of the AT.  I am considering SNP (or at least part of it), but am
not too familiar with that region.  Could anybody out there offer a (few)
suggestion(s) for a decent hike?  I usually average 10-12 mi/day.      

Well -- I'll return back to lurk mode and hopefully I'll have more to
contribute later.

Thanks in advance!!


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