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Re: [at-l] 5-6 day hike in VA

Bruce A. Waldrop wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> My name is Bruce -- long time lurker, first time writer.  First of all, I
> have very much enjoyed reading the posts on this list -- full of great
> information, opinions, and humor.  I am a pharmacist and graduate student at
> the University of Kentucky, 

Well, Bruce, being from Indiana, you know I'm biting my tongue to not say 
all the UK stuff I'm supposed to ;)  

 I am planning a
> 5-6 day hike the second week of October, and wanted to do a different
> section of the AT.   Could anybody out there offer a (few)
> suggestion(s) for a decent hike?  I usually average 10-12 mi/day.

I always answer this question the same way: Mount Rogers area. There are 
several ways to get a good 5-6 day hike in and still cover Rogers and 
Grayson Highlands. Plus, you might meet Janet Holmes and her ne'er do 
well husband, Mick, er Mark. (One Hoosier to another)


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