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Re: [at-l] underwear

In a message dated 97-08-02 02:27:55 EDT, Gammara1@aol.com writes:

<< In many of the posts and clothing summaries re ultralight packing I never
 underwear mentioned. Is there an AT tradition of not wearing underwear that
 am not aware of ? >>

Jim, I think a lot of people don't wear it because they prefer the shorts
with mesh briefs attached.  I wore coolmax (or whatever the fabric is)
underpants and carried a spare; same with bra.  FWIW, I really notice the
difference between the synthetic & cotton when hiking.  At home I wouldn't
wear anything but cotton, but not on the trail.

If I ever decide to really go ultralight I might leave the spare set at home,
but it only weighs 1.5 oz for the two items, which certainly isn't a factor
in my heavy pack!

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