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Re: [at-l] Solophile's personal hangup

I think the guys who are addressing Fireball are not even aware that they're
ignoring Solophile, and it's probably totally unintentional.  It's the same
thing that made a lot of middle-aged men give orders to my dog instead of
allowing me to control him.  Example, when we were at a shelter area Smoky
would bark when someone approached.  This is what he's "paid" to do, and the
only "work" expected of him - to alert his owner when someone approaches our
"home".  If there was a man over 40 at the shelter he would invariably say
something like "It's ok Smoky, don't bark" and yell to the incoming hiker
"It's ok, he's friendly".  Where was I when this was happening?  Usually
smouldering.  I never spoke up because I realized they didn't have a clue
that they were stepping into my territory, and because I didn't want to alter
the friendly atmosphere at shelters.  I know I would have hurt someone's
feelings if I said what I'd like to have said, and they were all such
genuinely nice guys I just let it ride.  (I'm certainly not always that nice
in my "other" life, however :~)))))

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