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[at-l] Earthshaking events

        I just felt my first earthquake a few minutes ago!  Neat... :))  It
was pretty small.  I was just making some lunch when I noticed the fridge
was rattling, and just when I was standing there wondering,"What's wrong
with the fridge?" I heard the stove & the dishes on the rack on the wall
start rattling too.  Then, wondering if it just got really windy outside all
of a sudden, I looked outside and it was dead calm out there.   No gravel
trucks coming up the road either....  Then it occurred to me - hey! that was
an earthquake!  Wow.  Probably just a 1 on the richter scale, if that!
Strange things happening here in Finch.....last year we got a freak twister
in the area that only destroyed one house before going away.  We are the
Bermuda Triangle of Canada (or maybe just Ontario)! ;)


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