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Re: [at-l] section hike-Pearisburg to Atkins, Va. May4-13

Bluegrass fans might like that train - that's the "New River Train."
Chuck Williams

FosterP599@aol.com,Internet Gate writes

>We began from the Senator Shumate Bridge on Sunday afternoon and headed
>south.  We are Pils Cousin, Big Jake and First Pilgrim.  The climb up to
>Angels Rest was short but hard on out of condition section hikers.  It rained
>a little and even tried to sleet for about two minutes.  About 1/2 mile past
>the top is a side trail to the right, with a spring and a couple of good
>campsites.  Here we spent the night, good site except for the train noise
>during the night.
>After the three mile climb on Sunday, Monday was mostly an uneventful eight
>miles to Woodshole.  Woodshole, Ms Tillie, friend, and Hugh Penn were
>delightful and gracious.  I wish that I had brought a camera but the picture
>in my mind will last forever.  During that night, it rained and the sound of
>the rain hitting the tin roof of the barn made for fine sleeping.  Breakfast
>was wonderful and so was the conversation around the table.
>After breakfast, we started with only six miles to Wapiti Shelter and some of
>the best trail that I have seen on the AT.  Somewhere I lost the bite valve
>on my water tube and mentioned it to a thru hiker that I met.  He gave me his
>spare and would not accept any payment, a true example of Trail Magic.  I
>believe his name was Lopin'
>Wapiti had plenty of level space and we set up our tents and met two north
>bound section hikers from Newnan, Ga.  They were Loan Hawk and Big Scout and
>we had a good visit.
>On Wednesday, we were supposed to cover about 13 miles to Jenny Knob Shelter
>but we enjoyed Trent Grocery and their cheeseburgers too much and had to camp
>about a mile short of the shelter.  Also the temporary trail relocation
>before Trent's took its toll.  This was not a good campsite, nor a good
>Thursday, we had to make up a mile plus 10 more to get to Helveys Mill
>Shelter.  Surprisely, it was full, but putting up tents went well.  The other
>surprise was the hike to get water.  Who ever made that trail had some real
>heavy work.  Thanks to all who work and maintain trails and shelters.
>Friday, we had a little over 2 miles to US-21/52, where we were met by Easy
>in Pils Cousin's Bronco.  I hated to see Cousin and Big Jake leave and head
>back to the other world, but it was nice to have Easy and a resupply of food.
> We had intended to  spend the night at Hunting Camp Creek Hostel but it is
>closed and so is James Burke B & B.  We found a really good campsite and
>water source at Va.-615, again rain at night.
>Saturday was stream crossing morning, I think we did it 20 times.  We did
>about eight miles before turning off the trail to Davis Farm Campsite.  This
>is like a balcony cut into the side of the mountain with a fantastic view of
>Burke's Garden.  There is only room for about three tents and we had two.
> The water source is fine.  Our problem was the wind, it seemed determined to
>blow our tents away, but somehow they held.
>Sunday, we walked eight miles to Chestnut Knob Shelter after a stop at Walker
>Gap for water.  This is a nicely renovated shelter with an outstanding view
>in all directions.
>Again, the wind was fierce and lasted all night, but we were comfortable.
> For some unknown reason, I did not sleep well.
>Monday, we walked nine miles to Knot Maul Shelter.  I put up my tent, it
>rained, and I slept well.  Is this correlated to rain?
>Tuesday was push day.  We had almost 14 miles to get to Atkins and some tough
>trail elevations and stiles.  When we got to Davis Path Shelter, it was
>raining and cold with three miles to go.  NOTHING  was going to keep us from
>a bed, shower, and a good meal that night.  We made it to the Dairy Queen at
>6:30.  I have now completed from Springer to Harpers Ferry plus 75 miles in
>Maine.  Joy and Satisfaction!!
>First Pilgrim 
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