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Re.: [at-l] Quarter ounce radio

Charles Schroeder wrote":

>A couple of the recent postings talked about checking out 3 or 4 oz. radios.

>Flying back to O'Hare a few weeks ago, I found the following in the "Sky
>store"? magazine:

>"The World's Smallest FM Radio Produces Big Sound
>delivers clear reception and fabulous amplified sound.  Digital tuner accesses
>the full FM band, from Country to Classical stations.  Features a high quality
>speaker, scan and reset buttons, plus volume control.  Detachable local and
>distance antennas make sure you get every station on the waves.  Includes a
>protective case, ear clip for a snug fit and batteries.  90 day warranty.
.Size: 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/4".
>956020 D  - WORLD'S SMALLEST FM RADIO $29.95"

>I have NOT bought one yet, so can't attest to the quality.

My wife gave me one for Cristmas a couple of years ago.  Everything the ad
says is true.  Only problem is that the radio is VERY fragile, and can be
difficult to use when your hands are stiff and swollen from cold weather.
It uses two hearing aid style batteries.

Frank Webbe
Palm bay, FL

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