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Re: [at-l] Sleeping gear

Well Jason, I probably won't be much help but I wanted to throw my 2 cents
in anyway.  I haven't tried this, but will probably do so by the end of the

How about buying a Feathere Friends sleeping bag(ummm.... can't remember
the name.... semi-rectangular sleeping bag... Puffin or something like
that...jeez, I was just looking at their catalog last night).  Anyways,
they had this 20-degree rated bag that can be opened up and used with their
special nylon groundsheet as a blanket.  The unfolded bag zips to the
groundsheet. The groundsheet also holds two thermarest pads.  It struck me
as being light.  The whole thing (including ground sheet) was, as I recall,
a little less than two pounds per person.  In addition, the catalog claimed
that an extra 4 oz. could be shaved off the weight by opting for their 1.1
oz. nylon (as opposed to their standard 1.4 oz. nylon) for bag
construction.  They also have an option to use 800 down (more warmth for
the weight, and therefore, a lighter bag for a specified temp. rating).  As
I understand it, FF will customize a bag for you, so that you could get one
with less down than normal for warmer weather (and therefore lighten the
bag even further).  The bag is expensive, however.  I don't know their
tele. number off-hand but they are based in Seattle.

> From: Jason Johnson <johnsojd@UMDNJ.EDU>
> To: Appalachian Trail List <at-l@saffron.hack.net>
> Subject: [at-l] Sleeping gear
> Date: Friday, May 02, 1997 1:12 PM
> Hi everyone,
> As I posted before, my wife and I are doing a decent-sized section of the
> Trail this summer.  We hope to be hiking from the middle of July to late
> September heading south to Springer.  We are always looking for ways to
> lighten the load and were wondering what the consensus (if that's
> possible) of the list would be regarding sleeping gear for this time of
> year.  We have TNF Cat's Meows but were thinking of sharing a Polartec
> blanket (and maybe bug netting) or some such instead to save weight.  We
> could always get the bags back later in the hike if need be.  Has anyone
> hiked/slept using something other than a sleeping bag and what were your
> experiences like?  We appreciate any input.  Thanks in advance,
> Jason 
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