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[at-l] Felt like posting.....

She kissed me goodbye and a few seconds later I saw her again as she pushed 
her bicycle past the bedroom door. I left Orono 2 hours later and headed back 
home to Canada. An hour north on the I-95 and Mt. Katahdin came into view: 
bright and white and big in the early sun. It's fixed there like some kind of 
beachhead, as if anchoring the whole AT right back down to Georgia. Then it 
disappeared as I slowly turned towards the USA/Canada border. I left Maine 
behind...Paul Bunyan, Stephen King's bats on the gates, the woolen mill across 
the river in Brewer, the sushi, the AT....

Once I had believed in Margaret
And the world had seemed new and hopeful.
Now she was gone.
And I wasn't afraid to love her again
And the world seemed limitless.

       Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind. (Zen saying)

       Doug Gibbons, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland        
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