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Re: [at-l] Ray Jardine's Ultra-light Hiking Advice

Amazon -
  You might try talking to Ray Jardine himself!  After all, he hiked the AT,
as stated in the book, wearing running shoes and an 8 lb pack, alongside his
wife back in ('93?); they finished in something like 3 months.  Pretty amazing
for a couple with an average hiking pace of 2.75 or so mph.  I didn't come across anyone quite as gungho on weight savings as Ray or you sound last year - the
usual weight saving scenario 
I saw involved a heavy pack at Springer, followed
by an ever-decreasing burden toward Maine, but nothing sub 20 lbs.  Most of
Ray's ideas sound feasible, and indeed sensible, for a PCT thru-hike, as the
book centers around.  However, I have some reservations, albeit Ray's hike
proves it's doable, about running shoes plying the entire length of the AT.
I also see a fully enclosed shelter of some sort as more "feasible" for keeping
the bugs at bay than a tarp + bug clothing (who wants to sleep in that stuff?)?
I guess it really comes down to deciding when enough weight savings is enough,
when you've crossed your personal comfort zone in the name of a superlight pack.Naturally, it varies with the individual.
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