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[at-l] fond farewell to all

yes, i must say my goodbyes to the list.
you are are great, i gained so much info from here, you have no idea.
you can (maybe, it depends upon how many internet accesses i find along 
the way) follow along with my progress on my web page;
hopefully i'll be able to do that.  

so anyway, goodbye, if you see a tall skinny guy with no hair (*more on 
that later) say hi to me on the trail.

now on the hair thing, i had a fairly good head of hair, so it weighed 
about 1 1/2 pounds - question is, do i get to add that much weight to my 
pack of worthless junk?  :0)

have a good summer, i'll try to do the same



life is what happens when you are making other plans, or in my case, 
not making plans.
(i know, it's rather well used, that's why i personalized it :0)
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