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[at-l] SEND SNOW

Yes John, there is fresh snow at Wintergreen (home of the $6.00 hot dog).
 All the way from the AT on top of the ridge all the way down.

Down here in the flat land it wasn't bad at all.  It had been warm for
many previous days and there was enough solar heat stored in the asphalt
to melt off the 4" by Sunday morning without shoveling.   Now with the
2nd puny snow fall this winter, I still have yet to put gas in the

ALL YOU YANKS, SEND REAL SNOW (i.e.12 inches or more).  John have you got
any contacts with OrangeMen that can do a dance to the gods to send snow

CHASE, don't you need a real challanging hike before spring flowers

Peter Lascell
Forest, VA

On Sun, 9 Feb 1997 00:34:46 -0500 (EST) JOHN24263@aol.com writes:
>Ski trip to WIntergreen, VA tomorrow!!!  They say 5 inches fresh 
>powder, but
>you know these ski resorts... truth=ski report divided three... plus 
>inches of ice... and minus about seventy bucks.   Oh yeah, and it's a 
>lot of
>fun, too.
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