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[at-l] Beer

Might I add my 12 ounces-

Oregon Brewing Co.-  Blackberry Porter,  dark and creamy with a hint of

Any real LAGER,  slightly sweet,  substantial,  with enough hop bitterness to
take the  edge off.  Perhaps Bud,  Miller, and Coors were once this way.
 BTW-  before
WW-II the major brewers made real beers.  Because of shortages,  malt was
replace by cheaper, lighter  and more available grains,  like rice and corn.
 Rumor has it the women (the men were all overseas) liked the lighter taste
better,  thus
the modern Lager.  I am not trying to say women screwed up beer!  Thats your

For the warmer locales,  a nice Pilsner.


David Craft

PS-  I used to get the Beer of the Month by mail until a local wine shop
opened a nice beer section.  I now take a nice beer or two out for
overnights.  Nothing like setting them in the creek for a bit while laying
out on a rock.  B & B (Benedictine and Brandy) is nice too.

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